Water Baptism (October 3rd)



In the event of an emergency where medical treatment is required. I give my permission to the church staff or sponsor to obtain the services of a licensed or medical professional. Please attempt to notify me immediately concerning any such emergency.

I do hereby agree to release and forever waive any claim which may arise against Christ Covenant, its employees or volunteers. This waiver of rights shall be effective immediately and shall continue to be in force until my child's return from the church activity of Water Baptism. I understand that my child will be immersed in water as a public profession of their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. This release specifically includes all claims and demands of whatever nature, actions and cause of action, damages, resulted or to result at any time in the future, whether or not contemplated at the present time or whether or not they arise following the execution of this release. This release expresses a full and complete release of any liability, past, or future, which may be claimed against Christ Covenant, its trustees, elders, employees and any volunteers.